Download PDF of Restaurant Menu

Download PDF of Catering Menu

Lockhart Smokehouse: True Central Texas BBQ without I-35

Most of the legendary meat palaces in Central Texas use the counter service method, and Lockhart Smokehouse is no different. When you enter, head on over to the counter to order, pick up your food, and pay. The counter is at the back of the restaurant next to the smoker. The meat is pulled off the smoker and sliced specifically for your order.

We charge by the half pound, but you don't have to order a full half pound. You can order two slices of brisket... one rib, it's up to you.

If you aren't sure what you want just ask the "Texas-friendly" guy behind the counter with the knife for a bite. He will be happy to oblige.

After you order and take your food (all meat is wrapped in butcher paper), grab a seat wherever you like or belly up to the bar for a cold beer.


beef brisket

Brisket: $9.99 per ½ lb
Best Brisket in town! Do you like it with more fat, less fat, or with extra bark...just let us know.

shoulder clod

Shoulder Clod: $9.99 per ½ lb
Our favorite cut! A leaner cut in comparison to the brisket; a stronger beefier flavor. Ask us for a sample!



Chops: $7.99 per ½ lb
Lean and juicy pork chops, each chop is about a half lb of meat.

smoked ribs

Ribs: $7.99 per ½ lb
Dry rubbed spare ribs, smoked to perfection.


½ Chicken: $7.69 each
Moist and tender, smoked for 8 hours. But, why stop with a ½....

Whole Chicken: $15.00
Just like the 1/2 chicken, but you can share with your friends...

Turkey: $7.99 ½ lb
Juicy and delicious - trust us.


kreutz sausage

Kreuz Original: $5.00
110 year old recipe shipped from our cousin's restaurant. Each link weighs 1/3 lb.

Kreuz Jalapeno Cheese: $5.25
Just enough of a kick, but not too much. Made with real cheddar cheese and fresh jalapenos.


deviled eggsSmoked Baked Beans - $2.50 Sm. $5.00 Lg.
Chock-full of chopped brisket and smoked onions.

Lockhart Slaw - $2.50 Sm. $5.00 Lg.
Crispy chopped slaw with a bit of a kick.

Blue Cheese Slaw - $3.50 Sm. $7.00 Lg.
Creamy coleslaw with blue cheese and jalapeno

Potato Salad - $2.50 Sm. $5.00 Lg.
Smoked potatoes tossed in our house dressing.

Deviled Eggs - $2.50 Sm. $5.00 Lg.
Rotates daily with a different meat filling.

Mac n' Cheese - $4.00 Sm. $8.00 Lg.
Creamy mac n' cheese; better than grandma's.

Pickles, onions, bread and crackers are available free of charge with every order.



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Wednesday - Beefed Up Wednesday
Come in Wednesday for our Beef Ribs

Thursday - Burnt Ends
Every Thursday...The Legendary Burnt Ends

Interested in having Lockhart Smokehouse cater your next party, meeting or event? Please fill out our catering request form.

Download PDF of Catering Menu